Open letter

I like public school because so far I have been in one since I started school. I also like it because they are not as strict as some private schools. Also because in private school you have to be kind of rich, and in public you can get in no matter what. However, what I don’t like about public school is that is there are too many rules. In some public schools, you can’t have free dress, and I don’t think it’s necessary to have dress code. Some teachers say that dress code makes our school look better. But I think what makes a school better is how the kids act because if they know how to act and have free dress that’s okay. However if the school has dress code and don’t know how to act that makes a school look bad. And I also don’t like how they have STAAR because I don’t know what’s the whole point of that. It will be better if we just had a project and also have good grades, so I think we should change to that.


20 Time Blog Post #2

So i went to the internet and i was looking for goals and flags and everything you need for a soccer field.Then i was looking for a good place to put my soccer goal at.I want to put a soccer goal because were i play is only dirt and small rocks.Also when you fall you always bleed.To do all of that i need to write a letter to the city of lewisville why we need goals were i live.